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Literary structure (chiasm, chiasmus) of Books of Chronicles

Chiastic Structure and Concentric Structure and Parallel of each pericope

[1]Genealogy of Adam  (1Ch1:1-27)
   Genealogy of Adam

[2]Genealogy of Abraham  (1Ch1:28-34)
   Genealogy of Abraham

[3]Kings in Edom  (1Ch1:35-54)
   Collateral of Isaac

[4]Genealogy of children of Israel  (1Ch2:1-8:40)
P(2:1-2)Children of Israel
  A1(2:3-4:23)  Judah
  A2(4:24-43)  Simeon
  A3(5:1-26)  Reuben, Gad, Manasseh
  A4(5:27-6:66)  Levi
  A5(7:1-5)  Issachar
  A6(7:6-12)  Benjamin
  A7(7:13)  Naphtali
  A8(7:14-29)  Manasseh, Ephraim
  A9(7:30-40)  Asher
  A10(8:1-40)  Benjamin

[5]Genealogy of Israel after the captivity  (1Ch9:1-44)
   Genealogy of Israel after the captivity

[6]Death of Saul and his sons  (1Ch10:1-14)
  A(10:1-3)  1Ch10:1 a number of them fell, slain on Mount Gilboa.(1Ch10:1)
    B(10:4-5)    1Ch10:4 these uncircumcised may not come and maltreat me. (1Ch10:4)
      C(10:6-7)      1Ch10:6 Thus, with Saul and his three sons, his whole house died at one time. (1Ch10:6)
  A'(10:8-10)  1Ch10:8 they found Saul and his sons where they had fallen on Mount Gilboa. (1Ch10:8)
    B'(10:11-12)    10:11 When all the inhabitants of Jabesh-gilead had heard what the Philistines had done to Saul, (10:11)
      C'(10:13-14)      1Ch10:14 the LORD slew him, and transferred his kingdom to David (1Ch10:14)
   A: Mount Gilboa. B: Maltreat against Saul. C: Destruction of royal family.

[7]David anointed king of all Israel  (1Ch11:1-3)
  A(11:1a)  All Israel
    B(11:1b-2)    You shall shepherd my people Israel (1Ch11:2)
  A'(11:3a)  All Israel
    B'(11:3b)    they anointed him king over Israel (1Ch11:3)
   A: All Israel. B: David becomes the king.

[8]Jerusalem  (1Ch11:4-9)
  A(11:4)  Then David and all Israel went to Jerusalem (1Ch 11:4)
    B(11:5)    The City of David
      C(11:6)      Words of David
    B'(11:7)    The City of David
  A'(11:8-9)  David became more and more powerful, for the LORD of hosts was with him. (1Ch11:9)
   A: With David. B: The city of David. C: Words of David.

[9]David's mighty men  (1Ch11:10-47)
   David's mighty men

[10]David's followers in the wilderness  (1Ch12:1-22)
  A(12:1-16)  Soldiers who come to David
    B(12:17-18)    if you have come to betray me to my enemies (1Ch12:18)
      C(12:19)      Words of the spirit
    B'(12:20)    At the cost of our heads he will desert to his master Saul. (1Ch12:20)
  A'(12:21-22)  Soldiers who come to David
   A: Soldiers who come to David. B: Betrayal. C: Words of the spirit.

[11]David's army at Hebron  (1Ch12:23-41)
  A(12:23)  from day to day men kept coming to David's help (1Ch12:23)
    B(12:24-38)    Soldiers who come to David
  A'(12:39-41)  the resolute intention of making David king over all Israel (1Ch12:39)
   A: To help David. B: Soldiers who come to David.

[12]The Ark brought from Kiriath-jearim  (1Ch13:1-14)
  A(13:1-4)  Words of David
    B(13:5-8)    1Ch13:7 Uzzah and Ahio were guiding the cart, (1Ch13:7)
    B'(13:9-11)    1Ch13:9 Uzzah stretched out his hand to steady the ark, for the oxen were upsetting it.(1Ch13:9)
  A'(13:12-14)  Words of David
   A: Words of David. B: Uzzah.

[13]Envoys of Hiram  (1Ch14:1-2)
   Envoys of Hiram

[14]David's sons  (1Ch14:3-7)
   David's sons

[15]Defeat of the Philistines  (1Ch14:8-17)
  A(14:8-9)  Invasion of Philistines
    B(14:10)    The words of the LORD
      C(14:11-12)      Victory
  A'(14:13)  Invasion of Philistines
    B'(14:14-15)    The words of the LORD
      C'(14:16-17)      Victory
   A: Invasion of Philistines. B: The words of the LORD. C: Victory.

[16]The Ark brought to Jerusalem  (1Ch15:1-24)
  A(15:1-2)  Words of David
    B(15:3)    Commands of David
      C(15:4-10)      List of the Levites
  A'(15:11-15)  Words of David
    B'(15:16)    Commands of David
      C'(15:17-24)      List of the Levites
   A: Words of David. B: Commands of David. C: Lists of the Levites.

[17]The Ark placed in the tent  (1Ch15:25-16:7)
  A(15:25)  Departure
    B(15:26)    Offerings
      C(15:27-28)      Services of the Levites
  A'(15:29)  Arrival
    B'(16:1-3)    Offerings
      C'(16:4-7)      Services of the Levites
   A: Travel. B: Offerings. C: Services of the Levites.

[18]David's psalm of thanksgiving  (1Ch16:8-36)
  A(16:8-11)  Thanks to the Lord
    B(16:12-14)    The wonders and judgement
      C(16:15-22)      The covenant of the LORD
    B'(16:23-33)    The wonders and judgement
  A'(16:34-36)  Thanks to the Lord
   A: Thanks to the Lord. B: The wonders and judgement. C: The covenant of the LORD.

[19]Regular worship maintained  (1Ch16:37-43)
  A(16:37)  The covenant of the LORD
    B(16:38)    Gatekeepers
  A'(16:39-40)  The law of the LORD
    B'(16:41-42)    Gatekeepers
P(16:43)Returning home
   A: Gatekeepers. B: The covenant of the LORD.

[20]God's covenant with David  (1Ch17:1-15)
  A(17:1)  Words of David
    B(17:2)    Words of Nathan
  A'(17:3-14)  The words of the LORD
    B'(17:15)    Words of Nathan
   A: The words of the LORD to David. B: Words of Nathan.

[21]David's prayer  (1Ch17:16-27)
  A(17:16)  The house of David
    B(17:17-19)    The words of the LORD
      C(17:20-22)      The LORD is the God of Israel
        D(17:23)        Bring about what you have promised (1Ch17:23)
      C'(17:24)      The LORD is the God of Israel
    B'(17:25-26)    The words of the LORD
  A'(17:27)  The house of David
   A: The house of David. B: The words of the LORD. C: The LORD is the God of Israel. D: Bring about what you have promised.

[22]Wars against foreign countries  (1Ch18:1-13)
"1Ch18:6 the Arameans became his subjects, paying tribute. Thus the LORD made David victorious in all his campaigns. (1Ch18:6)"   
"1Ch18:8 He likewise took away from Tibhath and Cun, cities of Hadadezer, large quantities of bronze (1Ch18:8)"   
"1Ch18:10 He also sent David gold, silver and bronze utensils of every sort (1Ch18:10)"   
1Ch18:13 all the Edomites became David's subjects. (1Ch18:13)   
   A: David's subjects. B: Obtaining some metal.

[23]David's administration  (1Ch18:14-17)
   David's administration

[24]Defeats of Ammonites and Arameans  (1Ch19:1-19)
P(19:1-2a)Servitude to Israel
  A(19:2b-4)  David's servants
    B(19:5)    To return to Jerusalem
      C(19:6-9)      Military forces
  A'(19:10-13)  David's servants
    B'(19:14-15)    To return Jerusalem
      C'(19:16-18)      Military forces
P'(19:19)Servitude to Israel
   A: David's servants. B: To return to Jerusalem. C: Military forces.

[25]Siege and capture of Rabbah  (1Ch20:1-3)
  A(20:1)  David himself remained in Jerusalem (1Ch20:1)
    B(20:2)    The crown
  A'(20:3)  he and his whole army returned to Jerusalem (1Ch20:3)
   A: Jerusalem. B: The crown.

[26]Wars against Rapha  (1Ch20:4-8)
   The list of Rapha

[27]The census and plague  (1Ch21:1-30)
  A(21:1-6)  Acts of David
    B(21:7)    Acts of the LORD
      C(21:8)      Acts of David
        D(21:9-12)        Words of Gad
          E(21:13)          Words of David
            F(21:14-15)            Disaster of the LORD
          E'(21:16-17)          Words of David
        D'(21:18)        Words of Gad
      C'(21:19-26)      Acts of David
    B'(21:27)    Acts of the LORD
  A'(21:28-30)  Acts of David
   A: Acts of David. B: Acts of the LORD. C: Acts of David. D: Words of Gad. E: Words of David. F: Disaster of the LORD.

[28]David prepares to build the temple  (1Ch22:1-19)
  A(22:1-4)  Command about preparation of construction of the temple
    B(22:5)    Words about Solomon
      C(21:6)      Command to Solomon
    B'(22:7-16)    Words for Solomon
  A'(22:17-19)  Command about preparation of construction of the temple
   A: Command about preparation of construction of the temple. B: Words about Solomon. C: Command to Solomon.

[29]Families of the Levites and their functions  (1Ch23:1-27:34)
  A(23:1-32)  1Ch23:3 The Levites thirty years old and above were counted (1Ch23:3)
    B1(24:1-31)    1Ch24:5 Their functions were assigned impartially by lot (1Ch24:5)
    B2(25:1-31)    1Ch25:8 They cast lots for their functions equally (1Ch25:8)
    B3(26:1-32)    1Ch26:1 As for the classes of gatekeepers (1Ch26:1)
  A'(27:1-34)  1Ch27:1 This is the list of the Israelite family heads (1Ch27:1)
   A: The census. B: Groups for the services.

[30]Solomon instructed to build the temple  (1Ch28:1-21)
  A(28:1-10)  Words to the people
    B(28:11-18)    Then David gave to his son Solomon the pattern of the portico and of the building itself (1Ch28:11)
  A'(28:19-21)  Words to Solomon
   A: Words of David. B: Blueprint.

[31]Offerings for building the temple  (1Ch29:1-20)
  A(29:1-5)  Words of David
    B(29:6-9)    Offerings
  A'(29:10-20)  Words of David
   A: Words of David. B: Offerings.

[32]Solomon anointed King  (1Ch29:21-25)
  A(29:21-22)  The people approved that Solomon is the king
    B(29:23)    All Israel
  A'(29:24)  The people approved that Solomon is the king
    B'(29:25)    All Israel
   A: The people approved that Solomon is the king. B: All Israel.

[33]Reign of David  (1Ch29:26-30)
   Summary of David's reign

[34]Solomon's wisdom  (2Ch1:1-17)
  A(1:1-6)  Prosperity of Solomon
    B(1:7)    The words of the LORD
      C(1:8-10)      Words of Solomon
    B'(1:11-12)    The words of the LORD
  A'(1:13-17)  Prosperity of Solomon
   A: Prosperity of Solomon. B: The words of the LORD. C: Words of Solomon.

[35]Preparation for building the temple  (2Ch1:18-2:17)
"2Ch2:1 He conscripted seventy thousand men to carry stone and eighty thousand to cut the stone in the mountains, and over these he placed three thousand six hundred overseers. (2Ch2:1)"   
    B(2:2-9)    2Ch2:2 Moreover, Solomon sent this message to Huram, king of Tyre (2Ch2:2)
    B'(2:10-15)    2Ch2:10 Huram, king of Tyre, wrote an answer which he sent to Solomon (2Ch2:10)
"2Ch2:17 Of these he made seventy thousand carriers and eighty thousand cutters in the mountains, and three thousand six hundred overseers to keep the people working.(2Ch2:17)"   
   A: Workers. B: Messages of the kings.

[36]Solomon builds the temple  (2Ch3:1-4:22)
  A(3:1-14)  2Ch3:1 Solomon began to build the house of the Lord
    B(3:15-17)    Construction of the two pillars
      C(4:1-6)      The tools of bronze
        D(4:7-11a)        The tools of gold
  A'(4:11b)  2Ch4:11 Thus Huram finished the work that he did for King Solomon on the house of God
    B'(4:12-13)    Decoration of the two pillars
      C'(4:14-18)      The tools of bronze
        D'(4:19-22)        The tools ot gold
   A: The house of the LORD. B: The two pillars. C: The tools of bronze. D: The tools ot gold.

The structure might be partially tampered by some posterior person.

[37]The ark brought into the temple  (2Ch5:1-6:2)
  A(5:1)  all the work done by Solomon for the Temple of Yahweh was completed (2Ch5:1)
    B(5:2-6)    Services of the priests and Levites
      C(5:7-10)      The ark
    B'(5:11-14)    Services of the priests and Levites
  A'(6:1-2)  I have built you a princely dwelling, a residence for you for ever (2Ch6:2)
   A: Completion of the temple. B: Services of the priests and Levites. C: The ark.

[38]Dedication of the temple  (2Ch6:3-11)
P(6:3)2Ch6:3 the king greeted the whole community of Israel as they stood.(2Ch6:3)
  A(6:4)  Fulfillment of the promise
    B(6:5-6)    The words of the LORD
    B'(6:7-9)    The words of the LORD
  A'(6:10-11)  Fulfillment of the promise
   A: Fulfillment of the promise. B: The words of the LORD.

[39]Solomon's prayer of dedication  (2Ch6:12-42)
P(6:12-13)2Ch6:12 Solomon stretched forth his hands in the presence of the whole community of Israel (2Ch6:12)
  A(6:14-17)  David
    B(6:18-21)    Can it indeed be that God dwells with mankind on earth? (2Ch6:18)
      C1(6:22-23)      Prayer
      C2(6:24-25)      Prayer
      C3(6:26-27)      Prayer
      C4(6:28-31)      Prayer
      C5(6:32-33)      Prayer
      C6(6:34-35)      Prayer
      C7(6:36-39)      Prayer
    B'(6:40-41)    Advance, LORD God, to your resting place, you and the ark of your majesty (2Ch6:41)
  A'(6:42)  David
   A: David. B: God dwells in the temple. C: Prayers.

[40]Solomon dedicates the temple  (2Ch7:1-11)
  A(7:1-2)  When Solomon had ended his prayer, (2Ch7:1)
    B(7:3-5)    for his mercy endures forever (2Ch7:3)
    B'(7:6-7)    for his mercy endures forever (2Ch7:6)
  A'(7:8-11)  Solomon completed the house of the LORD and the royal palace (2Ch7:11)
   A: End. B: For his mercy endures forever.

[41]The words of the LORD  (2Ch7:12-22)
  A(7:12)  I have chosen this place for my house of sacrifice (2Ch7:12)
    B(7:13-14)    Conditions
  A'(7:15-16)  I have chosen and consecrated this house that my name may be there forever (2Ch7:16)
    B'(7:17-22)    Conditions
   A: The LORD chose the temple. B: Conditions.

[42]Solomon's great wealth  (2Ch8:1-18)
  A(8:1-6)  Construction and Huram
    B(8:7-10)    Works of the people
      C(7:11)      The daughter of Pharaoh
    B'(8:12-15)    Works of the people
  A'(8:16-18)  Construction and Huram
   A: Construction and Huram. B: Works of the people. C: The daughter of Pharaoh.

[43]The queen of Sheba  (2Ch9:1-12)
  A(9:1-2)  Treasures
    B(9:3-8)    Praise of the queen of Sheba
  A'(9:9-12)  Treasures
   A: Treasures. B: Praise of the queen of Sheba.

[44]Solomon's great wealth  (2Ch9:13-31)
  A(9:13-14)  Treasures from foreign countries
    B(9:15-16)    Armaments
      C(9:17-20)      silver was not considered of value in Solomon's time (2Ch9:20)
  A'(9:21-24)  Treasures from foreign countries
    B'(9:25-26)    Armaments
      C'(9:27-28)      The king made silver as common in Jerusalem as stones (2Ch9:27)
P(9:29-31)2Ch9:30 Solomon reigned in Jerusalem over all Israel for forty years. (2Ch9:30)
   A: Treasures from foreign countries. B: Armaments. C: Value of silver.

[45]The revolt against Rehoboam  (2Ch10:1-19)
  A(10:1-2)  Escape of Jeroboam
    B(10:3-5)    2Ch10:3 Jeroboam was summoned to the assembly, and he and all Israel said to Rehoboam (2Ch10:3)
2Ch10:6 King Rehoboam consulted the elders (2Ch10:6)   
2Ch10:8 he consulted the young men (2Ch10:8)   
    B'(10:12-16)    2Ch10:12 On the third day, Jeroboam and all the people came back to King Rehoboam (2Ch10:12)
  A'(10:17-19)  Escape of Rehoboam
   A: Escape. B: Going to the king. C: Consultation.

[46]Political measures of Rehoboam  (2Ch11:1-17)
  A(11:1)  Armaments
    B(11:2-4)    They obeyed this message of the LORD and gave up the expedition against Jeroboam (2Ch11:4)
  A'(11:5-12)  Armaments
    B'(11:13-17)    they walked in the way of David and Solomon three years (2Ch11:17)
   A: Armaments. B: Faithfulness.

[47]Rehoboam's marriages  (2Ch11:18-23)
   Children of Rehoboam

[48]Egypt attacks Judah  (2Ch12:1-12)
  A(12:1-4)  Invasion of Shishak
    B(12:5)    Prophecy of Shemaiah
      C(12:6)      Conversion
    B'(12:7-8)    Prophecy of Shemaiah
  A'(12:9-12)  Invasion of Shishak
   A: Invasion of Shishak. B: Prophecy of Shemaiah. C: Conversion.

[49]Reign of Rehoboam  (2Ch12:13-16)
   Reign of Rehoboam

[50]Abijah  (2Ch13:1-22)
  A(13:1-2a)  Family of Abijah
    B(13:2b-3)    Wars between Abijah and Jeroboam
      C(13:4-12)      Words of Abijah
    B'(13:13-20)    Wars between Abijah and Jeroboam
  A'(13:21-22)  Family of Abijah
   A: Family of Abijah. B: Wars between Abijah and Jeroboam. C: Words of Abijah.

[51]Asa  (2Ch13:23-14:7)
  A(13:23)  Peace
    B(14:1-4a)    Policies of Asa
  A'(14:4b-5a)  Peace
    B'(14:5b-7)    Policies of Asa
   A: Peace. B: Policies of Asa.

[52]Ethiopian invasion repulsed  (2Ch14:8-14)
  A(14:8-9)  Invasion of Zerah
    B(14:10)    Words of Asa
  A'(14:11-14)  Defeat of Zerah
   A: Invasion of Zerah. B: Words of Asa.

[53]The Reforms of Asa  (2Ch15:1-19)
  A(15:1-7)  To seek the LORD
    B(15:8-9)    The reform
  A'(15:10-15)  To seek the LORD
    B'(15:16-19)    The reform
   A: To seek the LORD. B: The reform.

[54]Invasion of Israel  (2Ch16:1-14)
  A(16:1-5)  To rely on Aram
    B(16:6)    2Ch16:6 King Asa commandeered all of Judah to carry away the stone and wood with which Baasha had been fortifying Ramah
      C(16:7-9)      Prophecy of Hanani
    B'(16:10)    2Ch16:10 Asa also oppressed some of his people at this time
  A'(16:11-14)  2Ch16:12 even in his sickness he did not seek the LORD, but only the physicians
   A: To rely on other than the LORD. B: Abuses. C: Prophecy of Hanani.

[55]Jehoshaphat  (2Ch17:1-19)
2Ch17:5 all Judah gave Jehoshaphat gifts   
    B(17:7-9)    List of officers
2Ch17:11 Some of the Philistines brought Jehoshaphat gifts and a tribute of silver   
    B'(17:12-19)    List of soldiers
   A: Gifts. B: Lists.

[56]Prophecy of Micaiah  (2Ch18:1-34)
  A(18:1-7)  2Ch18:2 Ahab persuaded him to go up against Ramoth-gilead.(2Ch18:2)
    B(18:8-9)    2Ch18:8 Get Micaiah, son of Imlah, at once. (2Ch18:8)
      C(18:10-11)      2Ch18:10 Zedekiah, son of Chenaanah, made iron horns for himself and said (2Ch18:10)
        D(18:12-14)        Prophecy of Michaiah
          E(18:15)          Words of the king
            F(18:16)            Prophecy of Michaiah
          E'(18:17)          Words of the king
        D'(18:18-22)        Prophecy of Michaiah
      C'(18:23-24)      2Ch18:23 Thereupon Zedekiah, son of Chenaanah, came up and slapped Micaiah on the cheek (2Ch18:23)
    B'(18:25-27)    2Ch18:25 Seize Micaiah and take him back to Amon, prefect of the city, and to Joash the king's son, (2Ch18:25)
  A'(18:28-34)  2Ch18:28 The king of Israel and King Jehoshaphat of Judah went up to Ramoth-gilead (2Ch18:28)
   A: Wars. B: Commands about Micaiah. C: Zedekiah. D: Prophecy of Michaiah. E: Words of the king. F: Prophecy of Michaiah.

[57]The Reforms of Jehoshaphat  (2Ch19:1-11)
P(19:1-3)Prophecy of Jehu
  A(19:4-5)  Appointment
    B(19:6-7)    Words of Jehoshaphat
  A'(19:8)  Appointment
    B'(19:9-11)    Words of Jehoshaphat
   A: Appointments. B: Words of Jehoshaphat.

[58]Invasion from the east  (2Ch20:1-30)
  A(20:1-13)  Acts of the king and the people
    B(20:14-19)    Prophecy of Jahaziel
  A'(20:20-21)  Acts of the king and the people
    B'(20:22-30)    Fulfillment of the prophecy
   A: Acts of the king and the people. B: Prophecies.

[59]Reign of Jehoshaphat  (2Ch20:31-37)
  A(20:31-33)  doing what was right in the LORD'S sight (2Ch20:32)
    B(20:34)    Jehu, son of Hanani (2Ch20:34)
  A'(20:35-36)  who did evil (2Ch20:35)
    B'(20:37)    Eliezer(2Ch20:37)
   A: Good and evil. B: Prophets.

[60]Jehoram killed his brothers  (2Ch21:1-4)
   Children of Jehoshaphat

[61]Jehoram  (2Ch21:5-20)
  A(20:5-11)  Reign of Jehoram
    B(21:12-15)    Letter of Prophet Elijah
  A'(21:16-20)  Reign of Jehoram
   A: Reign of Jehoram. B: Letter of Prophet Elijah.

[62]Ahaziah  (2Ch22:1-9)
   Reign of king Ahaziah

[63]Athaliah seizes the throne  (2Ch22:10-12)
  A(22:10)  Murderous intent of Athaliah
    B(22:11a)    Survival of Joash
  A'(22:11b)  Murderous intent of Athaliah
    B'(22:12)    Survival of Joash
   A: Murderous intent of Athaliah. B: Survival of Joash.

[64]Athaliah  (2Ch23:1-21)
2Ch23:1 made a pact with the regimental commanders   
    B(23:3-7)    Words of Jehoiada
      C(23:8-11)      2Ch23:11 they shouted, 'Long live the king!'
      C'(23:12-13)      2Ch23:13 Athaliah tore her clothes and shouted, 'Treason, treason!'
    B'(23:14-15)    Words of Jehoiada
"2Ch23:16 Then Jehoiada made a covenant between himself and all the people and the king, that they should be the LORD'S people. (2Ch23:16)"   
   A: Covenants. B: Words of Jehoiada. C: Coup.

[65]The Reforms of Joash  (2Ch24:1-16)
  A(24:1-3)  as long as Jehoiada the priest lived (2Ch24:2)
    B(24:4-5)    Restoration of the temple
      C(24:6)      Donation
        D(24:7)        the wicked Athaliah and her sons had damaged the house of God (2Ch24:7)
      C'(24:8-11)      Donation
    B'(24:12-14)    Restoration of the temple
  A'(24:15-16)  Death of Jehoiada
   A: Jehoiada. B: Restoration of the temple. C: Donation. D: Damage of the temple.

[66]Apostasy of Joash  (2Ch24:17-27)
  A(24:17-19)  They forsook the temple of the LORD, the God of their fathers, and began to serve the sacred poles and the idols; (2Ch24:18)
    B(24:20)    Prophecy of Zechariah
      C(24:21-22a)      To kill the prophet
    B'(24:22b)    Prophecy of Zechariah
  A'(24:23-27)  Judah had abandoned the LORD, the God of their fathers (2Ch24:24)
   A: Apostasy. B: Prophecy of Zechariah. C: To kill the prophet.

[67]Amaziah  (2Ch25:1-26:2)
  A(25:1-2)  2Ch25:1 Amaziah was twenty-five years old when he became king, and he reigned twenty-nine years in Jerusalem. (2Ch25:1)
    B(25:3-4)    To kill Joash
      C(25:5-6)      Preparation for a war
        D(25:7-9)        Prophecy
          E(25:10)          2Ch25:10 Amaziah then disbanded the troops that had come to him from Ephraim, and sent them home
            F(25:11-12)            Victory of Amaziah
          E'(25:13)          2Ch25:13 the mercenaries whom Amaziah had dismissed from battle service with him raided the cities of Judah from Samaria to Beth-horon
        D'(25:14-16)        Prophecy
      C'(25:17-24)      Defeat of Amaziah
    B'(25:25-28)    To kill Amaziah
  A'(26:1-2)  2Ch26:3 Uzziah was sixteen years old when he became king, and he reigned fifty-two years in Jerusalem. (2Ch26:3)
   A: Coronation. B: To kill a king. C: Wars. D: Prophecy. E: the troops that had come from Ephraim. F: Victory of Amaziah.

[68]Uzziah  (2Ch26:3-23)
  A(26:3-5)  2Ch26:3 Uzziah was sixteen years old when he became king, and he reigned fifty-two years in Jerusalem. (2Ch26:3)
    B(26:6-15)    2Ch26:15 His fame spread far and wide, and his power was ascribed to the marvelous help he had received
    B'(26:16-21)    2Ch26:16 after he had become strong, he became proud to his own destruction and broke faith with the LORD, his God
  A'(26:22-23)  2Ch26:23 His son Jotham succeeded him as king
   A: Coronation. B: Faith and betrayal.

[69]Jotham  (2Ch27:1-9)
  A(27:1)  2Ch27:1 Jotham was twenty-five years old when he became king, and he reigned sixteen years in Jerusalem. (2Ch27:1)
    B(27:2-4)    2Ch27:2 He pleased the LORD just as his father Uzziah had done (2Ch27:2)
      C(27:5)      2Ch27:5 He fought with the king of the Ammonites and conquered them. (2Ch27:5)
    B'(27:6)    2Ch27:6 he lived resolutely in the presence of the LORD, his God. (2Ch27:6)
  A'(27:7-9)  2Ch27:8 He was twenty-five years old when he became king, and he reigned sixteen years in Jerusalem. (2Ch27:8)
   A: Becoming the king. B: Faith of the king. C: Conquest.

[70]Ahaz  (2Ch28:1-27)
  A(28:1)  2Ch28:1 Ahaz was twenty years old when he became king, and he reigned sixteen years in Jerusalem. (2Ch28:1)
    B(28:2-4)    2Ch28:2 but conducted himself like the kings of Israel and even made molten idols of the Baals. (2Ch28:2)
2Ch28:5 The Arameans defeated him and carried away captive a large number of his people   
        D(28:6-8)        2Ch28:8 The Israelites took away as captives two hundred thousand of their brethren's wives, sons and daughters; they also took from them much plunder, which they brought to Samaria. (2Ch28:8)
          E(28:9-11)          Prophecy of Oded
          E'(28:12-13)          Words of some of the Ephraimite leaders
        D'(28:14-15)        2Ch28:14 the soldiers left their captives and the plunder before the princes and the whole assembly
"2Ch28:17 The Edomites had returned, attacked Judah, and carried off captives"   
    B'(28:22-25)    2Ch28:22 While he was already in distress, the same King Ahaz became even more unfaithful to the LORD. (2Ch28:22)
  A'(28:26-27)  2Ch28:27 His son Hezekiah succeeded him as king
   A: Coronation. B: Betrayal. C: The captivity of foreign countries. D: The captivity of Israel. E: Words of the Israelites.

[71]Hezekiah  (2Ch29:1-31:21)
  A(29:1-36)  Reformation of Hezekiah
    B(30:1-27)    To celebrate the Passover
  A'(31:1-21)  Reformation of Hezekiah
   A: Reformation of Hezekiah. B: To celebrate the Passover.

[72]Sennacherib's invasion  (2Ch32:1-33)
  A(32:1)  2Ch32:1 after he had proved his fidelity by such deeds
2Ch32:3 he decided in counsel with his princes and warriors to stop the waters of the springs outside the city   
Prayer of Hezekiah   
        D(32:21-23)        Salvation of the LORD
Prayer of Hezekiah   
2Ch32:30 This same Hezekiah stopped the upper outflow of water from Gihon   
  A'(32:32-33)  2Ch32:32 The rest of Hezekiah's acts, including his pious works
   A: Pious Hezekiah. B: To stop the waters. C: Prayer of Hezekiah. D: Salvation of the LORD.

[73]Manasseh  (2Ch33:1-20)
  A(33:1-3)  2Ch33:1 Manasseh was twelve years old when he became king (2Ch33:1)
2Ch33:7 He placed an idol that he had carved in the house of God   
      C'(33:10-13)      2Ch33:11 they took Manasseh with hooks, shackled him with chains, and transported him to Babylon.(2Ch33:11)
2Ch33:15 He removed the foreign gods and the idol from the LORD'S house (2Ch33:15)   
  A'(33:18-20)  2Ch33:20 His son Amon succeeded him as king
   A: Coronation. B: An idol. C: The captivity.

[74]Amon  (2Ch33:21-25)
   Amon reigns over Judah

[75]Josiah  (2Ch34:1-35:19)
  A(34:1-13)  The reform of the rituals
    B(34:14-21)    Discovery of the book of the law
      C(34:22-28)      Prophecy of Huldah
    B'(34:29-33)    Reading of the book of the covenant
  A'(35:1-19)  The Passover
   A: The reform of the rituals. B: The book of the law. C: Prophecy of Huldah.

[76]Neco's invasion  (2Ch35:20-36:1)
  A(35:20)  After Josiah had done all this to restore the temple (2Ch35:20)
    B(35:21)    Prophecy of death of Josiah
      C(35:22)      he would not listen to the words of Neco that came from the mouth of God (2Ch35:22)
    B'(35:23-25)    Death of Josiah
  A'(35:26-36:1)  his pious deeds in regard to what is written in the law of the LORD, and his acts (2Ch35:26)
   A: Acts of Josiah. B: Death of Josiah. C: Betrayal.

[77]Jehoahaz  (2Ch36:2-4)
   Reign of Jehoahaz

[78]Jehoiakim  (2Ch36:5-8)
   Reign of Jehoiakim

[79]Jehoiachin  (2Ch36:9-10)
   Reign of Jehoiachin

[80]Zedekiah  (2Ch36:11-21)
   Reign of Zedekiah

[81]Cyrus  (2Ch36:22-23)
   Reign of Cyrus

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