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Literary structure (chiasm, chiasmus) of Book of Tobit

Chiastic Structure and Concentric Structure and Parallel of each pericope

[1]Preface  (Tb1:1-8)
  A(1:1-2)  Ancestors
    B(1:3)    Tobit
  A'(1:4-5)  Ancestors
    B'(1:6-8)    Tobit
   A: Ancestors. B: Tobit.

[2]History of Tobit  (Tb1:9-2:10)
  A(1:9-15)  Prosperity of Tobit
    B(1:16-17)    Buriel of a dead
      C(1:18-20)      Downfall of Tobit
  A'(1:21-2:1a)  Prosperity of Tobit
    B'(2:1b-8)    Buriel of a dead
      C'(2:9-10)      Downfall of Tobit
   A: Prosperity of Tobit. B: Buriel of a dead. C: Downfall of Tobit.

[3]Prayer of Tobit and Sarah  (Tb2:11-3:15)
  A(2:11-14)  Condemnation of Anna
    B(3:1-6)    Prayer of Tobit
  A'(3:7-9)  Condemnation of a maid
    B'(3:10-15)    Prayer of Sarah
   A: Condemnations. B: Prayers.

[4]Raphael was sent  (Tb3:16-17)
  A(3:16)  3:16 At that very time, the prayer of these two suppliants was heard in the glorious presence of Almighty God. (3:16)
    B(3:17a)    Salvation
  A'(3:17b)  3:17 In the very moment that Tobit returned from the courtyard to his house, Raguel's daughter Sarah came downstairs from her room (3:17)
   A: Prayers of two persons. B: Salvation.

[5]Departure of Tobiah  (Tb4:1-6:1)
  A(4:1-21)  4:1 That same day Tobit remembered the money he had deposited with Gabael at Rages in Media, and he thought, (4:1)
    B(5:1-3)    5:3 So now, my son, find yourself a trustworthy man who will make the journey with you. (5:3)
      C(5:4-8)      5:4 As soon as he went out, he found the angel Raphael standing before him (5:4)
    B'(5:9-17)    5:17 My son, prepare whatever you need for the journey, and set out with your kinsman. (5:17)
  A'(5:18-6:1)  5:19 I hope more money is not your chief concern! Rather let it be a ransom for our son! (5:19)
   A: The money Tobit had deposited. B: Instructions of Tobit. C: The angel Raphael.

[6]Capture of fish  (Tb6:2-9)
  A(6:2-4a)  Words of Raphael
    B(6:4b)    Acts of Tobiah
      C(6:5-6)      Organs of a fish
    B(6:7)    Words of Tobiah
  A'(6:8-9)  Words of Raphael
   A: Words of Raphael. B: Acts of Tobiah. C: Organs of a fish.

[7]Recommendation of marriage  (Tb6:10-18)
  A(6:10-13)  Words of Raphael
    B(6:14-15)    Words of Tobiah
  A'(6:16-18)  Words of Raphael
   A: Words of Raphael. B: Words of Tobiah.

[8]The marriage  (Tb7:1-8:3)
  A(7:1a)  Tobiah and Raphael
    B(7:1b-8)    Raguel and Edna
      C(7:9a)      7:9 Afterward, Raguel slaughtered a ram from the flock and gave them a cordial reception. (7:9)
        D(7:9b)        7:9 ask Raguel to let me marry my kinswoman Sarah (7:9)
          E(7:10-12)          Negotiation between Raguel and Tobiah
        D'(7:13)        7:13 He then called her mother and told her to bring a scroll, so that he might draw up a marriage contract stating that he gave Sarah to Tobiah as his wife according to the decree of the Mosaic law. (7:13)
      C'(7:14)      7:14 they began to eat and drink (7:14)
    B'(7:15-17)    Raguel and Edna
  A'(8:1-3)  Tobiah and Raphael
   A: Tobiah and Raphael. B: Raguel and Edna. C: A dinner. D: Marriage. E: Negotiation between Raguel and Tobiah.

[9]Prayer of Tobiah and Sarah  (Tb8:4-9a)
   Prayer of Tobiah and Sarah

[10]Gratitude of Raguel   (Tb8:9b-21)
  A(8:9b-14)  Acts of Raguel
    B(8:15-17)    Prayer of Raguel
  A'(8:18-21)  Acts of Raguel
   A: Acts of Raguel. B: Prayer of Raguel.

[11]Return of Tobiah  (Tb9:1-10:13)
  A(9:1-4)  Anxiety of Tobit
    B(9:5)    Prosperity of Tobiah
      C(9:6)      Blessings for Tobiah
  A'(10:1-7a)  Anxiety of Tobit
    B'(10:7b-10)    Prosperity of Tobiah
      C'(10:11-13)      Blessings for Tobiah
   A: Anxiety of Tobit. B: Prosperity of Tobiah. C: Blessings for Tobiah.

[12]Instruction of Raphael  (Tb11:1-18)
  A(11:1-4)  Words of Raphael
    B(11:5-6)    Words of Anna
  A'(11:7-8)  Words of Raphael
   A: Words of Raphael. B: Words of Anna.

[13]Recovery of Tobit  (Tb11:9-18)
  A(11:9-10a)  Pleasure of the parents
    B(11:10b-13)    Words of Tobiah
      C(11:14-15a)      Recovery of the sight
    B'(11:15b)    Words of Tobiah
  A'(11:16-18)  Pleasure of Tobit
   A: Pleasure of the parents. B: Words of Tobiah. C: Recovery of the sight.

[14]Identity of the traveler  (Tb12:1-22)
  A(12:1-5)  Tobit and Tobiah
    B(12:6-15)    Words of Raphael
      C(12:16)      12:16 the two men fell to the ground (12:16)
    B'(12:17-20)    Words of Raphael
  A'(12:21-22)  Tobit and Tobiah
   A: Tobit and Tobiah. B: Words of Raphael. C: To fall to the ground

[15]Tobit's thanksgiving to God  (Tb13:1-18)
   Praise of Tobit

[16]Tobit's final counsel  (Tb14:1-13)
  A(14:1-2)  14:1 Tobit died peacefully at the age of a hundred and twelve, and received an honorable burial in Nineveh. (14:1)
    B(14:3-11)    Words of Tobit
  A'(14:12-13)  14:12 When Tobiah's mother died, he buried her next to his father. (14:12)
   A: Death of Tobit. B: Words of Tobit.

[17]Conclusion  (Tb14:14-15)

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