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Literary structure (chiasm, chiasmus) of Book of Judith

Chiastic Structure and Concentric Structure and Parallel of each pericope

[1]Attack of Nebuchadnezzar  (Jdt1:1-3:10)
  A(1:1-12)  Disobedience of the people
    B(1:13-16)    Victory of Nebuchadnezzar
      C(2:1-13)      Command of Nebuchadnezzar
    B'(2:14-28)    Victory of Nebuchadnezzar
  A'(3:1-9)  Obedience of the people
   A: Obedience of the people. B: Victory of Nebuchadnezzar. C: Command of Nebuchadnezzar.

[2]Prayer of Israel  (Jdt4:1-15)
  A(4:1-3)  4:3 Now, they had lately returned from exile, and only recently had all the people of Judea been gathered together, and the vessels, the altar, and the temple been purified from profanation. (4:3)
    B(4:4-8)    4:8 The Israelites carried out the orders given them by Joakim, the high priest, and the senate of the whole people of Israel, which met in Jerusalem.(4:8)
  A'(4:9-15)  4:9 All the men of Israel cried to God with great fervor and did penance (4:9)
   A: Faith of Israelites. B: Preparation for defense.

[3]Words of Achior  (Jdt5:1-6:13)
  A(5:1-4)  Anger against Israel
    B(5:5-21)    Words of Achior
      C(5:22)      Condemnation against Achior
  A'(5:23-24)  Anger against Israel
    B'(6:1-9)    Words of Holofernes
      C'(6:10-13)      6:13 where they bound Achior and left him lying at the foot of the mountain; then they returned to their lord. (6:13)
   A: Anger against Israel. B: Words of Achior and Holofernes. C: Condemnation against Achior.

[4]Achior handed over to the Israelites  (Jdt6:14-21)
  A(6:14-16)  Acts of Israelites
    B(6:17)    Explanation of Achior
  A'(6:18-21)  Acts of Israelites
   A: Acts of Israelites. B: Explanation of Achior.

[5]Siege of Israel  (Jdt7:1-32)
  A(7:1-3)  Attack of Holofernes
    B(7:4-5)    Upset of Israelites
  A'(7:6-18)  Attack of Holofernes
    B'(7:19-32)    Upset of Israelites

[6]Persuasion of Judith  (Jdt8:1-36)
P(8:1-8)Introduction of Judith
  A(8:9-10)  8:10 to ask Uzziah, Chabris, and Charmis, the elders of the city, to visit her. (8:10)
    B(8:11-27)    Words of Judith
      C(8:28-31)      Words of Uzziah
    B'(8:32-34)    Words of Judith
  A'(8:35-36)  8:36 they withdrew from the tent and returned to their posts (8:36)
   A: Visit of Uzziah. B: Words of Judith. C: Words of Uzziah.

[7]Prayer of Judith  (Jdt9:1-14)
   Prayer of Judith

[8]Deception of Judith  (Jdt10:1-12:9)
  A(10:1-10)  10:3 She took off the sackcloth she had on, laid aside the garments of her widowhood, washed her body with water, and anointed it with rich ointment. (10:3)
    B(10:11-11:4)    Enemies accepted Judith
      C'(11:5-19)      Words of Judith
    B'(11:20-12:4)    Enemies accepted Judith
  A'(12:5-9)  12:9 Then she returned purified to the tent, and remained there until her food was brought to her toward evening. (12:9)
   A: Purification. B: Enemies accepted Judith. C: Words of Judith.

[9]Death of Holofernes  (Jdt12:10-13:10)
  A(12:10-14)  12:10 On the fourth day Holofernes gave a banquet for his servants alone, to which he did not invite any of the officers. (12:10)
    B(12:15-20)    12:16 Then Judith came in and reclined on it. The heart of Holofernes was in rapture over her, and his spirit was shaken. (12:16)
  A'(13:1-3)  13:1 When it grew late, his servants quickly withdrew. Bagoas closed the tent from the outside and excluded the attendants from their master's presence. They went off to their beds, for they were all tired from the prolonged banquet. (13:1)
    B'(13:4-10)    13:9 She rolled his body off the bed and took the canopy from its supports. Soon afterward, she came out and handed over the head of Holofernes to her maid, (13:9)
   A: Servants of Holofernes. B: Stratagem of Judith.

[10]Return of Judith  (Jdt13:11-14:10)
  A(13:11-13)  13:13 All the people, from the least to the greatest, hurriedly assembled, for her return seemed unbelievable. (13:13)
    B(13:14-16)    Words of Judith
      C(13:17-20)      13:17 All the people were greatly astonished. They bowed down and worshiped God, saying with one accord, "Blessed are you, our God, who today have brought to nought the enemies of your people." (13:17)
    B'(14:1-5)    Words of Judith
  A'(14:6-10)  14:6 So they called Achior from the house of Uzziah. (14:6)
   A: The people gathered. B: Words of Judith. C: Word of thanks.

[11]Victory of Israel  (Jdt14:11-15:7)
  A(14:11-13)  14:11 At daybreak they hung the head of Holofernes on the wall. Then all the Israelite men took up their arms and went to the slopes of the mountain. (14:11)
    B(14:14-18)    14:16 He broke into a loud clamor of weeping, groaning, and howling, and rent his garments. (14:16)
    B'(14:19-15:2)    14:19 When the commanders of the Assyrian army heard these words, they rent their tunics and were seized with consternation. Loud screaming and howling arose in the camp.(14:19)
  A'(15:3-7)  15:3 Those also who were stationed in the mountain district around Bethulia took to flight. Then all the Israelite warriors overwhelmed them. (15:3)
   A: Attacks of Israel. B: Panick of the enemies.

[12]Song of Judith  (Jdt15:8-16:20)
  A(15:8-10)  Blessings of the high priest
    B(15:11-14)    15:11 For thirty days the whole populace plundered the camp, giving Judith the tent of Holofernes, with all his silver, his couches, his dishes, and all his furniture, which she accepted. (15:11)
  A'(16:1-17)  Song of Judith
    B'(16:18-20)    16:19 Judith dedicated, as a votive offering to God, all the things of Holofernes that the people had given her, as well as the canopy that she herself had taken from his bedroom. (16:19)
   A: Blessings. B: Booty.

[13]Life of Judith  (Jdt16:21-25)
   Life of Judith

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