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Literary structure of Exodus-Numbers

1Exodus1:1-7 IntroductionThe people of Israel1Numbers1:1-47 1:1-47
The names of the sons of Israel who came to Egypt with JacobA census of the whole congregation of Israelites
2Exodus1:8-14 Construction of CitiesThe task to build 2Numbers1:48-54 1:48-54
Pithom and RamesesThe tabernacle of the covenant
3Exodus1:15-22 Command to Kill BoysDescendants were multiplied 3Numbers2:1-34 2:1-34
the people multiplied and became very strong (1:20)The list of the Israeli camps
4Exodus2:1-10 Birth and Youth of MosesThe house of Levi4Numbers3:1-51 3:1-51
a man from the house of Levi went and married a Levite woman (2:1)The names of the sons of Aaron
5Exodus2:11-15 Moses flees to MidianAvoiding being killed5Numbers4:1-49 4:1-49
Do you mean to kill me as you killed the Egyptian? (2:14)they may live and not die when they come near to the most holy things (4:19)
6Exodus2:16-22 Marriage of MosesWife6Numbers5:1-31 6:1-27 5:1-31 6:1-27
The wife of MosesRegulations about unfaithful wife
7Exodus2:23-25 The LORD's Mercy for IsraelThe leader of Israel7Numbers7:1-88 7:1-88
God remembered his covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (2:24)the leaders of Israel, heads of their ancestral houses, the leaders of the tribes made offerings (7:2)
8Exodus3:1-22 4:1-17 Moses at the Burning BushVocation8Numbers7:89 8:1-26 7:89 8:1-26
God called to him out of the bush (3:4)Take the Levites from among the Israelites and cleanse them (8:6)
9Exodus4:18-31 Moses Returns to EgyptDeath caused by sins9Numbers9:1-14 9:1-14
I will kill your firstborn son (4:23)anyone who refrains from keeping the passover, shall be cut off from the people (9:13)
10Exodus5:1-23 Bricks without StrawInsubordination / obedience to the Lord10Numbers9:15-23 9:15-23
Who is the LORD, that I should heed him and let Israel go? (5:2)according to the command of the LORD they would set out (9:20)
11Exodus6:1-12 Israel's Deliverance AssuredSalvation11Numbers10:1-10 10:1-10
I will free you from the burdens of the Egyptians and deliver you from slavery to them (6:6)you may be remembered before the LORD your God and be saved from your enemies (10:9)
12Exodus6:13-27 The Genealogy of Moses and AaronThe list of the people of Israel12Numbers10:11-28 10:11-28
The genealogy of Moses and AaronThe list of the Israeli tribes
13Exodus6:28-30 7:1-7 Moses and Aaron obey Commands of God The helpers of Moses13Numbers10:29-32 10:29-32
your brother Aaron shall be your prophet (7:1)you will serve as eyes for us (10:31)
14Exodus7:8-29 8:1-28 9:1-35 10:1-29 Ten MiraclesThe disasters of the enemy14Numbers10:33-36 10:33-36
The nine disasterslet your enemies be scattered, and your foes flee before you (10:35)
15Exodus11:1-10 Warning of the Final PlagueDeath by the Lord15Numbers11:1-35 11:1-35
Every firstborn in the land of Egypt shall die (11:5)the LORD struck the people with a very great plague (11:33)
16Exodus12:1-28 The First Passover InstitutedSeven days for preparation16Numbers12:1-16 12:1-16
Seven days you shall eat unleavened bread (12:15)Let her be shut out of the camp for seven days (12:14)
17Exodus12:29-32 The Tenth PlagueOrder to go to Canaan17Numbers13:1-24 13:1-24
Go, worship the LORD, as you said (11:31)Be bold, and bring some of the fruit of the land (13:20)
18Exodus12:33-41 The ExodusRobbing from different ethnic groups18Numbers13:25-33 13:25-33
they plundered the Egyptians (12:36)Let us go up at once and occupy it (13:30)
19Exodus12:42-51 Directions for the PassoverThe Lord brought the Israelites19Numbers14:1-10 14:1-10
That very day the LORD brought the Israelites out of the land of Egypt (12:51)Why is the LORD bringing us into this land to fall by the sword? (14:3)
20Exodus13:1-2 The Consecration of the First-bornSacrifices of descendants20Numbers14:11-35 14:11-35
Consecrate to me all the firstborn (13:2)your children shall be shepherds in the wilderness for forty years, and shall suffer for your faithlessness (14:33)
21Exodus13:3-10 The Festival of Unleavened BreadIsrael can obtain the land by the Lord21Numbers14:36-45 14:36-45
When the LORD brings you into the land of the Canaanites, which he swore to your ancestors to give you (13:5)Do not go up, for the LORD is not with you (14:42)
22Exodus13:11-16 The Consecration of the First-bornOfferings22Numbers15:1-31 15:1-31
I sacrifice to the LORD every male that first opens the womb (13:15)you make an offering by fire to the LORD (15:3)
23Exodus13:17-22 The Pillars of Cloud and FireWaiting for the Lord to show the way 23Numbers15:32-36 15:32-36
The LORD went in front of them in a pillar of cloud by day, to lead them along the way, and in a pillar of fire by night, to give them light, so that they might travel by day and by night. (13:21)They put him in custody, because it was not clear what should be done to him (15:34)
24Exodus14:1-18 Crossing the Red SeaUnderstanding the meaning of "I am the Lord"24Numbers15:37-41 15:37-41
I will gain glory for myself over Pharaoh and all his army; and the Egyptians shall know that I am the LORD (14:4)I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, to be your God: I am the LORD your God (15:41)
25Exodus14:19-31 The Pursuers DrownedEnemies were swallowed in the sea / earth25Numbers16:1-35 17:1-5 16:1-35 17:1-5
the LORD tossed the Egyptians into the sea (14:27)The earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up (16:32)
26Exodus15:1-19 The Song of MosesThe wrath of the Lord26Numbers17:6-15 17:6-15
you sent out your fury, it consumed them like stubble (15:7)wrath has come forth from the LORD and the blow is falling (17:11 NAB)
27Exodus15:20-21 The Song of MiriamThe brother and the sister of Moses led the people27Numbers17:16-28 17:16-28
the prophet Miriam, Aaron's sister, took a tambourine in her hand; and all the women went out after her with tambourines and with dancing (15:20)Put back Aaron's staff in front of the commandments, to be kept there as a warning to the rebellious, so that their grumbling may cease before me (17:25 NAB)
28Exodus15:22-27 Bitter Water Made SweetIf you listen carefully to the LORD, the wrath may never again come upon28Numbers18:1-32 18:1-32
If you will listen carefully to the voice of the LORD your God, and do what is right in his sight, and give heed to his commandments and keep all his statutes, I will not bring upon you any of the diseases that I brought upon the Egyptians (15:26)You yourselves shall perform the duties of the sanctuary and the duties of the altar, so that wrath may never again come upon the Israelites (18:5)
29Exodus16:1-36 Bread from HeavenThe seventh day29Numbers19:1-22 19:1-22
on the seventh day, which is a sabbath, there will be none (16:26)purifying them on the seventh day (19:19)
30Exodus17:1-7 Water from the RockThe waters of Meribah30Numbers20:1-13 20:1-13
The waters of MeribahThe waters of Meribah
31Exodus17:8-16 Amalek Attacks Israel and Is DefeatedConflicts with different ethnic group31Numbers20:14-21 20:14-21
War against AmalekRefusal by the king of Edom
32Exodus18:1-27 Jethro's AdviceThe child of Moses/ Aaron32Numbers20:22-29 20:22-29
the name of the other, Eliezer (18:4)strip Aaron of his vestments, and put them on his son Eleazar (20:26)
33Exodus19:1-9 The Israelites Reach Mount SinaiOaths of the israel people33Numbers21:1-3 21:1-3
Everything that the LORD has spoken we will do (19:8)If you will indeed give this people into our hands, then we will utterly destroy their towns (21:2)
34Exodus19:10-19 The LORD Comes Down upon Mount SinaiDeath by the Lord34Numbers21:4-9 21:4-9
Any who touch the mountain shall be put to death (19:12)the LORD sent poisonous serpents among the people, and they bit the people, so that many Israelites died (21:6)
35Exodus19:20-25 Moses goes up to Mount SinaiClimbing up to the top of mountain35Numbers21:10-20 21:10-20
the LORD summoned Moses to the top of the mountain (19:20)the top of Pisgah that overlooks the wasteland (21:20)
36Exodus20:1-21 The Ten CommandmentsDo not be afraid36Numbers21:21-35 21:21-35
Do not be afraid (20:20)Do not be afraid of him (21:34)
37Exodus20:22-26 21:1-37 22:1-30 23:1-33 The Book of the CovenantTelling the truth37Numbers22:1-40 22:1-40
Keep far from a false charge (23:7)The word God puts in my mouth, that is what I must say (22:38)
38Exodus24:1-18 The Blood of the CovenantBuilding altars38Numbers22:41 23:1-30 24:1-25 22:41 23:1-30 24:1-25
built an altar at the foot of the mountain, and set up twelve pillars, corresponding to the twelve tribes of Israel (24:4)Build me seven altars here, and prepare seven bulls and seven rams for me (23:1)
39Exodus25:1-40 26:1-37 27:1-21 28:1-43 29:1-46 30:1-38 31:1-12 The Command to Make the TabernaclePriesthood of Aaron and his descendants39Numbers25:1-19 25:1-19
Aaron also and his sons I will consecrate, to serve me as priests (29:44)It shall be for him and for his descendants after him a covenant of perpetual priesthood (25:13)
40Exodus31:12-18 Sabbath RegulationsDeath penalty40Numbers26:1-65 26:1-65
whoever does any work on the sabbath day shall be put to death (31:15)Nadab and Abihu died when they offered illicit fire before the LORD (26:61)
41Exodus32:1-35 33:1-6 The Golden CalfPromise to give the land41Numbers27:1-11 27:1-11
all this land that I have promised I will give to your descendants, and they shall inherit it forever (32:13)you shall indeed let them possess an inheritance among their father's brothers (27:7)
42Exodus33:7-11 The Tent Outside the CampJoshua son of Nun42Numbers27:12-23 27:12-23
his young assistant, Joshua son of Nun, would not leave the tent (33:11)Take Joshua son of Nun, a man in whom is the spirit (27:18)
43Exodus33:12-17 The LORD goes with IsraelitesThe Lord is with the people43Numbers28:1-31 29:1-39 30:1-17 28:1-31 29:1-39 30:1-17
My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest (33:14)My offering, the food for my offerings by fire, my pleasing odor, you shall take care to offer to me at its appointed time (28:2)
44Exodus33:18-23 The Glory of GodPassing through44Numbers31:1-54 31:1-54
while my glory passes by I will put you in a cleft of the rock, and I will cover you with my hand until I have passed by (33:22)everything that can withstand fire, shall be passed through fire, and it shall be clean (31:23)
45Exodus34:1-28 The Covenant RenewedBetrayals and contracts45Numbers32:1-42 32:1-42
Giving the second stone tablets for the covenantThe selfishness and the contract of the Reubenites and the Gadites
46Exodus34:29-35 The shining face of MosesSinai46Numbers33:1-49 33:1-49
Moses came down from Mount Sinai (34:29)They set out from Rephidim and camped in the wilderness of Sinai (33:15)
47Exodus35:1-35 36:1-38 37:1-29 38:1-31 39:1-43 Preparation for Constructing the TabernacleThe list of the people of Israel47Numbers33:50-56 34:1-29 33:50-56 34:1-29
There were twelve stones with names corresponding to the names of the sons of Israel (39:14)You shall take one leader of every tribe to apportion the land for inheritance (34:18)
48Exodus40:1-33 Construction of the TabernacleRegulations about priests48Numbers35:1-34 35:1-34
their anointing shall admit them to a perpetual priesthood throughout all generations to come (40:15)Command the Israelites to give, from the inheritance that they possess, towns for the Levites to live in (35:2)
49Exodus40:34-38 The Cloud and the GloryRemaining49Numbers36:1-13 36:1-13
the cloud settled upon it, and the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle (40:35)They were married into the clans of the descendants of Manasseh son of Joseph, and their inheritance remained in the tribe of their father's clan (36:12)

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